Atlanta Dance Weekly

Thanks for looking at the Atlanta Dance Weekly based in Atlanta Georgia USA!!  We appreciate you stopping by!

This newsletter and web site is the growth of a few dance friends calling or sending an e-mail telling each other where they were planning to dance the following weekend.  It has sort of gotten completely out of hand and  at last count has grown to over 850 subscribers.

Please keep in mind this site continues to be somewhat of a "Work in Progress" and we strive to hopefully improve as we go along.

The newsletter and the site itself is a "Co-Op" and it is only as successful as YOU take time to participate and send in Dance events or dance classes so they can be listed.  This site will never totally replace the e-mailed newsletter but is a back up when AOL or Yahoo or Comcast have a hick-up and bounce everyone's e-mail.

The web site has the calendar of events which gives us the ability to list dance events for you to use in your planning.  Again, It takes YOUR input to send these in so they can be listed on the calendar.

When you see an event on the calendar... ALWAYS CALL BEFORE YOU DRIVE!!!    Events do get moved or canceled.  Take a few minutes to call and be sure a posted event has not been canceled. This does happen and no one makes us aware of the cancellation.  
Contact numbers or e-mail addresses are usually provided.

The current week’s newsletter will be posted shortly after they are e-mailed. We try to post the version date when it is put on here.

Comments and details on dance events are welcomed.  This is predominately for the Metro Atlanta, Georgia USA area, but within reason, events in neighboring states or national events are also listed from time to time.   Most of what you find here is line dance related.  Bill Morrison does an excellent job of covering the couple dance events.  His access info is near the bottom of the newsletter posted on this site. 

Rocky Hanes also has some great info on his website so check out as well.


Thanks for looking and keep checking back!!

Have a fun time on the dance floor.  Please remember dance floor etiquette and if line dancing leave a lane around the outside of the floor!!

More importantly,   as they said on "Hill Street Blues"... LETS BE CAREFUL and SAFE OUT THERE!!!